The underrated prospect Spurs fans should be watching in NCAA Tournament

The point guard position has been a major focus of mock drafts for the San Antonio Spurs, but there is a prospect being overlooked that they should consider.
NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament - Practice Day - Salt Lake City
NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament - Practice Day - Salt Lake City / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

One of the most exciting sports events in the country is set to tip off as March Madness stampedes its way into our lives. For Spurs fans, the tournament should bring even more excitement with the very real possibility of picking two prospects in the top 10 due to the top-six-protected pick San Antonio holds courtesy of the Toronto Raptors.

Since the NBA regular season is virtually over for the Silver and Black, the draft has been a major focus as fans look toward the future of what the roster could look like around Victor Wembanyama. Most of the mock drafts have the Spurs taking a point guard with one or both of those top-10 picks, should the Raptors pick convey but an underrated prospect that San Antonio should be keeping an eye on is Tennessee's starting shooting guard, Dalton Knecht.

The Spurs can make moves for sustained success without drafting a point guard

Do not forget that Trae Young is out there, and the possibility that San Antonio can pry him from the Atlanta Hawks has valid traction. If you can get Young on the roster, you can draft Knecht to start alongside Devin Vassell on the wing. Knecht is a fifth-year player opposed to the young ages of Rob Dillingham, Reed Sheppard, and some of the other players mocked to the Spurs.

Older players are usually more sound fundamentally. Knecht's upper-class status would be refreshing for San Antonio's staff, who have had to teach the basics to the players before truly getting into the X's and O's of basketball.

Dalton ended the college regular season by shooting 39.7% from distance on the year and dropping 40 points on Kentucky in his final home game. He can rise off the floor effortlessly, ready to show off his explosive athleticism at the drop of a dime. All of a sudden, the Spurs would have more playmakers with a world of space and shooters to make defenses pay for double and triple-teaming Victor Wembanyama.

A starting lineup of Trae Young, Dalton Knecht, Devin Vassell, Jeremy Sochan, and Victor Wembanyama would have shooting, ball-handling, defense, and paint presence. It would immediately transform this team into a threat to make the postseason, and with the speed in which Wembanyama has already shown substantial improvement, he'll likely be ready to compete sooner than expected.