Twitter explodes as Spurs win NBA Draft Lottery, top 15 tweets ranked


The basketball gods have smiled on the San Antonio Spurs and blessed them with the number one overall pick in the 2023 NBA Draft. As the order of the lottery was revealed, Spurs fans were on the edge of their seats. One could hardly blame them. The NBA Countdown show leading up to the Draft Lottery did a fantastic job of highlighting why the best prospect in this class, Victor Wembanyama, is so special.

Twitter is the place to be when anything exciting happens in sports. Fans are quick to display their elation, wit, distaste, and humor. After a year with so much parity, you can be sure there will be fans who feel the right draft pick could mean huge leaps for their team. Seeing where players like Brandon Miller and Scoot Henderson wind up will be worthy of its own hype, but there is only one clear once-in-a-lifetime phenom.

The San Antonio Spurs will select Victor Wembanyama barring a catastrophic error in judgment. Fans of the Silver and Black are over the moon, and they deserve those emotions after the angst felt when Kawhi Leonard turned his back on the franchise. The sentiments shared on Twitter are a culmination of anger, disappointment, sadness, and frustration. It never rains forever, and it seems the sun has started to shine on San Antonio.

15: An all-time great show reference (The Wire) for an all-time great franchise

14: A perfect Old School pull. It worked!

13: I know Easter was last month but it's fair to say the Spurs have risen.

12. The Holy Trinity of haters from Grizzlies, Rockets, and Hornets fans. The tears taste so sweet!

11: This user's display name is also worth a few laughs.

10: Hornets fans having a bad day meant a great day for Spurs fans.

9: Support from a Lakers fan was not on my bingo card but it is welcome!

8. Sometimes, you're so happy you just have to get up and dance. You love to see it.

7: This fan feels like the pure embodiment of San Antonio. Go Spurs Go!

6: Always great to see love from San Antonio's own Shea Serrano!

5: A new prodigal son has emerged! The true circle of life!

4: What a beautiful image. There may be no better picture in the world. Put it in the Louvre.

3: This hilarious tweet comes from one of our own. Those moves have some nasty!

2: Wembanyama and his family are happy and there's nothing better than that.

1: Except this... A truly wonderful sight. Satisfied and happy fans.

The word exciting does not seem to cover the reaction of these fans. The direction of the franchise just made a strong pivot and everyone knows it.

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