Trae Young's latest comments are great news for Spurs fans

Trae Young joined Taylor Rooks for an interview and discussed his desire to play winning basketball, whether it was in Atlanta or not. Good news for the San Antonio Spurs.

Toronto Raptors v Atlanta Hawks
Toronto Raptors v Atlanta Hawks / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages

The Trae Young/San Antonio Spurs saga continues to give Spurs fans mouth-watering information about the potential uniting of rookie sensation Victor Wembanyama and the 25-year-old star point guard in Atlanta. From the reports of Trae and his camp's interest in playing with Wembanyama to the bombshell that the two franchises discussed a package for the two-time all-star, fans now have more juicy information about where this could be heading.

Trae Young joins Taylor Rooks for an interview

After the sixth-year guard went under for finger surgery that could potentially keep him out for the season, he joined Taylor Rooks for a one-on-one conversation where she went straight for the heart, asking if he wanted to be in Atlanta in the upcoming season.

Young responds "hopefully" when asked if he wants to be in Atlanta, just as any superstar would. You rarely see stars openly honest about whether they will leave amid the season. In recent memory, some rare cases include guys like Anthony Davis and James Harden.

Trae talks about how he's always wanted to be someone known for defining the odds throughout his career. Young, who was a 5-star recruit out of Norman, Oklahoma, always wanted to 'beat the odds' from the moment his collegiate career began to take shape.

The most significant moment of this clip is when he begins to explain that his vision was to win championships in Atlanta, and they almost did that in the shortened 2021 season, where they lost in the Eastern Conference Finals in six games to the eventual NBA champion Milwaukee Bucks. Aside from that run about three years ago, Young and the Hawks have struggled to find regular season or postseason success.

"But who knows? It's year six now."

Rooks reiterates the question of whether Young wants to remain in Atlanta, and Trae replies, "Mhm, you've now heard it from the source." He follows that up by saying, "I want to win; now, if that's in Atlanta, then that's where I wanna be, but that's it."

The quote may not appear substantial and doesn't sound like much to overreact to. But the most significant word is 'if.' He says, "If that's in Atlanta," not when, but if. Now, it may seem small, but he sounds noncommittal, and many league sources believe that Trae Young will be available for trade. If that happens, the 2-1-0 could be his best landing spot based on the assets San Antonio has available for trade and Trae's reported desire to play with Wembanyama.