Tim Duncan's trash-talking legend hits peak with DeMarcus Cousins story

Tim Duncan, Demarcus Cousins
Tim Duncan, Demarcus Cousins / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages

NBA great Demarcus Cousins was the guest on the most recent episode of Outta Pocket (a video podcast presented by Buckets), and he provided some much-needed laughter for Spurs fans with an anecdote on Timmy. In addition to telling stories about his time at Kentucky, giving thoughts on his NBA inspirations, and picking his “GOAT,” Cousins talked for a few minutes about trying to talk trash with the greatest Spur ever

The funny thing about the lead-up to this story is that Tim Duncan is one of the most even-keeled stars in NBA history. Very rarely did he get into it with other players, and he was much more likely to be seen complimenting an opponent than talking smack. In the clip, “Boogie” talks about the butt tap Duncan would give to guys after a good play. That’s not to say he laid back and took everything, as a young Boogie would find out.

"“I don’t want to hear no top five without Tim Duncan in it”"

DeMarcus Cousins

Timmy’s method of getting at a player on the opposing team was much more mental than physical. Per Cousins, the last time he tried testing Duncan, he was having a pretty good night, and to quote him, “my young dumb a** tries to talk s*** to Timmy.” Boogie says that Tim started laughing to himself (to which the hosts of the podcast replied, “that’s so scary”) and proceeded to rattle off 16 straight points, followed by—what else?—a classic butt tap. And Demarcus never went at Duncan again.

Like most Spurs fans, I miss Tim Duncan’s presence on the court more than I probably miss anything else in my life. However, it’s pretty fun that the further we get from his playing career, the more stories like this one come out. Of course, Timmy would probably prefer that his name be completely removed from the public sphere so he can continue doing whatever he’s up to without a bother. 

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I’m sorry though, Mr. Duncan. I’ll speak for all of your supporters and say that whenever there is a chance to celebrate you and/or talk about an anecdote we haven’t heard yet, we absolutely will.