Team France scratches surface of what Wembanyama-Paul duo could look like

Victor Wembanyama dominated in France's first exhibition game, and fans got a taste of what the pairing with CP3 could look like for the San Antonio Spurs.
Victor Wembanyama
Victor Wembanyama / Aurelien Meunier/GettyImages

One of the Spurs' most significant flaws last year was the lack of lobs thrown to Victor Wembanyama. The kid is seven-foot-four, and seeing how many missed opportunities occurred last season was shocking. The guys had to learn how to adjust to a player of that size and capabilities as they began to fix that problem toward the end of the season, giving fans some hope that we'll see those schemes integrated into the offense for years to come.

The front office also realized that issue and addressed it by going out and signing Chris Paul, one of the greatest floor generals of all time. The former Warrior is known for his time with the Los Angeles Clippers from 2011 to 2017, where he was the "Lob City" captain. This stacked squad included Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan, who were must-see TV with their electrifying athleticism.

With Chris Paul's playmaking abilities and Victor's height, we will surely see some resemblance to those Lob City days. But fans got a taste of what next season could look like in France's first Olympic exhibition against Turkey.

Victor dominates in Olympic exhibition opening

The Alien looked like he hadn't lost a step since the Spurs season ended in April. He filled the stat sheet with 24 points, six rebounds, four assists, and three blocks on an efficient 10/14 from the floor, nailing two three-pointers—and he did it all in just 20 minutes of play.

While his box score was stacked across the board, it was more about the number of lobs that the French team executed throughout the game for the towering 20-year-old. They connected for five alley-oops, and his teammates were basically just throwing up anything they thought he could go get, and it worked.

His performance was flat-out dominant, but this one lob from newly acquired LA Clippers forward Nic Batum had the internet talking about the CP3 and Wemby pairing.

The experienced forward in Batum throws it up to Wemby, who is below the rim by the time the ball gets to him, so he adjusts with his eight-foot wingspan to throw down an exhilarating reverse slam. Fans just watched in awe and began to chat about the fact that Victor now has a point guard who's used to throwing lobs and holds the third-most assists of all time.

We've yet to see Wemby and Chris Paul share the floor, but this is a tiny glimpse at what next season could look like for the Spurs. Victor and Team France are back in action on Monday, July 8th, when they'll take on Germany at 2 PM CT. You can tune in for free on the NBA app,, or the NBA's YouTube channel to watch all the exhibition games.