Stephen Jackson's Spurs beef continues with Tony Parker rant

Stephen Jackson
Stephen Jackson / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

Most San Antonio Spurs fans are well-versed in Stephen Jackson's history with the franchise. A career journeyman, the retired wingman spent two of the first three seasons of his career in San Antonio, where he became a valuable role player. 

Jackson won the 2003 championship with the Spurs during his third season in the NBA, starting all 24 of the team's playoff games. After that, he bounced around the league, seeing multiple successful stints between lottery and playoff teams.

In 2012, the Golden State Warriors traded him back to San Antonio. Jackson earned a spot in Gregg Popovich's rotation yet again, nearly a decade after his initial run with the team. But the rift between Stephen Jackson and the Spurs developed a year later when the organization decided to waive him ahead of their 2013 playoff run.

Ever since Jackson's untimely departure from San Antonio in 2013, which left him unable to sign with another team for the playoffs that season, he has harbored resentment toward the club. This week, he appeared on Kevin Garnett's podcast and had a few choice words for Tony Parker.

This tirade is not the first time the former Spur has expressed dissatisfaction with the soon-to-be Hall of Famer. Stephen Jackson also called out Parker in 2016 for his role in San Antonio's loss in the 2012 Western Conference Finals to the Thunder. 

There is enough documentation of Stephen Jackson speaking publicly on the Spurs since his divorce from the organization to prove he has still not gotten over being waived in 2013. In this instance, his attempted diss of Parker does not carry as much weight as he may have hoped, especially given the French point guard was merely 20 years old during the 2003 playoffs.

There is room for debate about whether the Spurs handled Jackson's departure from the organization perfectly. But regardless of what fans may think, Jackson will undoubtedly continue to take every opportunity to revisit the past and voice his frustration with how things played out.

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