3 Ways the Spurs can trade for another first-round pick in the 2023 NBA Draft

Gregg Popovich
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The 2023 NBA Draft is just two months away, and San Antonio Spurs fans are already devouring every mock draft, trying to get an idea of which prospects their favorite team may take with their three selections. It's impossible to say who that will be this early in the process, especially with the Spurs not knowing where they will land in the draft order. What we do know, however, is San Antonio only has one first-round pick. 

That certainly isn't the end of the world since they will likely land inside the top five, hopefully number one, but it's not a done deal. They have 13 first-round picks in their treasure chest over the next seven years, though they will only have one in the 2023 NBA Draft.

That leads to the obvious question of whether they should acquire another pick. With so many assets at their disposal, San Antonio has several routes to deal for another first-rounder. So let's look at three ways the Spurs can trade for an extra first-round pick in the 2023 NBA Draft.