Spurs: Grading 8 free agent point guard options from 'no thanks' to 'sign now'

San Antonio Spurs, Fred VanVleet
San Antonio Spurs, Fred VanVleet / Daniel Dunn-USA TODAY Sports
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The San Antonio Spurs won the 2023 NBA Draft Lottery and the right to draft Victor Wembanyama on June 22. It was a massive night for the franchise as they will get the most hyped prospect since LeBron James. The Spurs were destined to win, but the 7-foot-5 big man will certainly alter things in San Antonio.

Wembanyama made it clear he is “trying to win a ring ASAP” during the lottery broadcast on ESPN. He is a generational talent, but the French teenager cannot do it alone. The Spurs have some intriguing young players and a new centerpiece, but they are going to need more talent if they want to jump into contention next season.

The Spurs generate up to $43 million in cap space if they renounce their cap holds. They will have the opportunity to improve their roster around Wembanyama. San Antonio has the financial resources to bring back Tre Jones, but could they upgrade at point guard? Here are some options the Spurs could target in free agency.