4 San Antonio Spurs whose futures will be impacted by Victor Wembanyama

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Just a couple of days ago, the San Antonio Spurs were one of the teams in the NBA whose future was quite uncertain. However, after winning the 2023 NBA Draft Lottery, earning the No. 1 overall pick, and the right to select Victor Wembanyama, that has changed drastically.

The Silver and Black went from an uncertain future to a promising one in only a few hours. Wembanyama hasn't even played a minute of NBA action, but he's already changed the outlook for what was once a proud franchise. With Wembanyama, expectations have now changed for the Spurs. Because of that, there is a belief there will be some roster adjustments for the Spurs too.

Wembanyama doesn't just alter San Antonio's outlook, but he changes how the front office will build this team. It's only natural for that to happen when an organization acquires a player with as much upside and talent as Wembanyama. And heading into the offseason, his presence will unequivocally impact the future of several familiar faces across the franchise.

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