2024 Spurs Mock Draft: Wright's plan if San Antonio trades for star guard

The Spurs get two top-ten picks in this mock draft, but how does already having a star guard change things?
San Antonio Spurs, Brian Wright
San Antonio Spurs, Brian Wright / Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports
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8. Spurs (via Raptors) take Ja’Kobe Walter

The Raptors traded their first-round pick in 2024 with a top-six protection to San Antonio in the Jakob Poeltl deal. Toronto finished with the sixth-worst record, but the Hawks and Rockets jumped into the top four in this mock. The Spurs have a 54.1 percent chance of getting this selection, so it will be a tense lottery night for the parties involved.

San Antonio likely targets a floor-spacing wing with this selection. Walter feels like a high-floor prospect, despite being just 19 years old. He is a strong shooter who should hold his own defensively. There is some upside, but he may top out as a 3-and-D wing for the next decade-plus. If the Spurs are targeting role players, Walter should be able to help them as Wembayama blossoms.

There is some worry looking at his college numbers. Ja’Kobe Walter will need some time to develop but should be ready to fill a role quickly. In a draft filled with uncertainty, getting a 3-and-D wing with some safety is a massive plus, especially with a second top-ten selection.

9. Grizzlies choose Donovan Clingan

10. Jazz select Rob Dillingham

11. Bulls draft Ron Holland

12. Thunder (via Rockets) take Kyle Filipowski

13. Kings select Dalton Knecht

14. Trail Blazers (via Warriors) choose Tidjane Salaun