Sidy Cissoko can be an experimental, new-age Boris Diaw for the Spurs

Sidy Cissoko
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The San Antonio Spurs' draft night two weeks ago was nearly universally considered a major success by local and national pundits alike, obviously headlined by the team selecting Victor Wembanyama--who is set to make his Summer League debut this Friday--1st overall. And for many, including the majority of the crowd at the Spurs' draft party at the AT&T Center, the night more or less ended after that 1st overall pick.

While rumors swirled that the Spurs were interested in moving up in the draft for a second 1st round pick after Wembanyama, that didn't end up coming to fruition. The Spurs' 33rd overall pick in the 2nd round, who ended up being G League Ignite forward Leonard Miller, was moved to the Minnesota Timberwolves for two future 2nd round picks; a move that felt wholeheartedly vanilla compared to most of the rumors.

If you ask me, though, the Spurs hit it out of the park with their pick at 44th overall: G League Ignite guard/wing Sidy Cissoko. If you don't take my word for it quite yet, though, Victor Wembanyama has already vouched for Cissoko himself, saying that he's played against him since they were just 10 years old and that he was always one of the top players in their age group.

We're going to dive into more specifics here, however, including some of Cissoko's strengths and areas for improvement, what his long-term ceiling could look like, and the developmental path the Spurs will lead him on to get there.

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