San Antonio Spurs updated draft picks after jam-packed trade deadline

Gregg Popovich, Terry Porter
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The San Antonio Spurs had a busy day leading up to the NBA's official trade deadline at 2:00 PM CT on Thursday. With multiple veteran players on their roster, the Spurs had been garnering interest from teams around the league for weeks, and they took their time in selecting the best deals possible.

After facing off with the Toronto Raptors on Wednesday evening, San Antonio agreed to a deal to send Jakob Poeltl back to his former team, netting them Khem Birch, a 2024 first-round pick, and two second-rounders from the Raptors. It was the conclusion of a lengthy trade saga for Poeltl. 

Then, just hours before the deadline on Thursday, the Spurs netted a haul of picks from the New Orleans Pelicans in exchange for Josh Richardson. They took home four of the Pels' future second-round picks. In total, San Antonio exited the trade deadline with an unbelievable eight new picks to add to their growing collection. Here is a look at their updated stash of draft capital.

  • 2023 first-round pick (Own)
  • 2023 first-round pick (from Hornets)
  • 2023 second-round pick (from Raptors)
  • 2023 second-round pick (from Pacers)
  • 2024 first-round pick (Own)
  • 2024 first-round pick (from Raptors)
  • 2024 second-round pick (from Pelicans)
  • 2024 second-round pick (from Lakers)
  • 2025 first-round pick (Own)
  • 2025 first-round pick (from Bulls)
  • 2025 first-round pick (from Hawks)
  • 2025 second-round pick (Own)
  • 2025 second-round pick (from Raptors)
  • 2025 second-round pick (from Bulls)
  • 2026 first-round pick (Own)
  • 2026 first-round pick (from Hawks)
  • 2026 second-round pick (Own)
  • 2026 second-round pick (from Pelicans)
  • 2026 second-round pick (from Pacers or Heat)
  • 2027 first-round pick (Own)
  • 2027 first-round pick (from Hawks)
  • 2027 second-round pick (Own)
  • 2027 second-round pick (from Thunder, Rockets, Pacers, or Heat)
  • 2028 first-round pick (Own)
  • 2028 first-round pick (from Celtics)
  • 2028 second-round pick (Own)
  • 2028 second-round pick (from Heat)
  • 2028 second-round pick (from Pelicans)
  • 2028 second-round pick (from Nuggets)
  • 2029 first-round pick (Own)
  • 2029 second-round pick (Own)
  • 2029 second-round pick (from Pelicans)

San Antonio Spurs updated draft picks after NBA trade deadline

The San Antonio Spurs clearly hit it out of the park with managing their assets during this trade deadline season. For shipping out Jakob Poeltl and Josh Richardson, they received a first-round pick and seven second-round picks in return, to go along with Khem Birch and Devonte' Graham.

By negotiating well and getting fair value for their veterans, the Spurs are successfully building for the future by stacking up a plethora of draft picks. Their current situation may not involve them sitting at the top of the Western Conference standings, but it undeniably maximizes their chances of getting there in the future.

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Holding multiple first-round picks in every draft until 2029 gives the Spurs unmatched leverage to negotiate future trades. Spurs fans will likely look back on this year's trade deadline as yet another situation where General Manager Brian Wright and company pulled off a heist.