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SA Spurs: Can Tre Jones be the second coming of Tony Parker?

San Antonio Spurs Tre Jones
San Antonio Spurs Tre Jones / Alex Goodlett/Getty Images
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I’ve had a history of writing bold takes about the San Antonio Spurs. I can assure you, I do believe all of them, no matter how outrageous they may seem. In my mind, Ben Simmons is a worse player than Dejounte Murray. Joshua Primo can and will be better than Devin Booker. Joe Wieskamp is on a Kyle Korver track. 

Still, this might be my boldest claim yet. In my mind (and any rational mind), Tony Parker is one of the best point guards of all time, a surefire Hall of Famer. Well, former Austin Spur and Summer League star Tre Jones is on his way to having a similar career. 

Tony and Tre were both picked late in their drafts, Parker at 28 and Jones at 41. Both were supposed to be good defensive players who created their own shots from midrange and the paint. Both were supposed to move the ball rather than hold it. Both were supposed to avoid the three and play with speed. So far, both have lived up to their initial advertisements. 

While saying that Tre Jones will have a Hall of Fame-worthy career and make multiple All-Star games is a bit of a stretch, the groundwork has been laid down. Parker didn’t make an All-Star game until he was 23, which was his fifth season in the league. Tre Jones is 21 years old going into his second season, so it’s far too early to write him off. He also has only played in 37 NBA games, receiving minimal minutes.

The odds are not in my favor that this prediction will be true, but this early in Jones’ career there is a shocking amount of evidence that when it’s all said and done, the two could be nearly the same. On both ends of the floor, the two have exhibited some remarkable similarities.