Spurs rumor: Talk of Primo being potential franchise player "loud as ever"

Joshua Primo, San Antonio Spurs
Joshua Primo, San Antonio Spurs / Tim Heitman/GettyImages

In his latest intel for Spurstalk, LJ Ellis discussed the rumor of Joshua Primo being the next franchise player for the San Antonio Spurs. We already know that San Antonio partly traded Dejounte Murray because of their faith in the Alabama product and the strides he has been making. This team has had supreme confidence in him since the very beginning which was instantly reflected with how high he was drafted. It was fairly controversial when San Antonio selected him with the 12th overall pick with most analysts and scouts being left baffled.

None of this, however, has made San Antonio second guess their decision. They have given nothing but support and praise to Primo, always citing his work ethic and development. His archetype is something that any team would want in a guard. A score-first, tall guard with the potential to be a good secondary facilitator. That being said, there has to be more here than what we have been seeing. San Antonio's faith in this young player is a little reminiscent of when Kawhi Leonard was young and coming up in the league.

When I hear the term "Franchise Player", I think of an all-NBA talent or at least a perennial All-Star, who can lead his team into the playoffs. Even if Josh Primo just ends up closer to the level of a CJ McCollum, that is a great level of talent for the San Antonio Spurs to partner up with a likely top five pick in the 2023 draft. There has also been word that Primo has grown and might not be stopping just yet, The idea of a potential 6'6 to 6'8 guard who can score at all three levels with confidence has to be a part of what makes him so enticing.

That being said, I do not expect him to start right away this season. He is likely to miss the entire preseason with an MCL injury and its not something San Antonio will rush him back from. I full expect him to be eased back into the rotation while Tre Jones holds down the starting point guard spot. If Tre Jones plays fairly well, I also expect San Antonio to make Josh Primo fully earn and take the starting spot.

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Either way Josh Primo is super young and has plenty of time on a rebuilding team to make a big name for himself in the NBA. The fact that the San Antonio Spurs have such high praise for him is something to be especially excited about.