Spurs: 90-second Josh Primo clip shows off unteachable skills

Sacramento Kings v San Antonio Spurs
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The stakes couldn’t be any higher. Sunday afternoon. An empty hoops court in the park. A man and his woman, knee deep in what would end up being the most epic game of H-O-R-S-E ever to be played. Reputations, pride, and bragging rights were on the line. 

I built a lead only to see it evaporate after a barrage of deep three pointers and over the backboard shots hitting noting but the bottom of the net came my way. She could not miss. She was in the zone. El fuego. It was unreal. Simply hitting shots that one would think she had no business hitting. 

But she hit those shots and did so with a swagger I have never seen. I was shocked. Bewildered. Who knew of this raw talent? Evidently, she did, and let me know it as she emerged victorious saying “Just like Josh Primo!"

Bold statement, but quite accurate. Am I saying we might have the next WNBA star on our hands? Have we been sitting on a gold mind for years and just now figuring it out? Should our next call be to an agent or WNBA World Champion Head Coach Becky Hammon? 

No. I wish, but no. 

Having trouble connecting the dots from the Mrs. to San Antonio’s favorite new young Spur Josh Primo of the NBA? I was to, so let’s break it down.

Listen, she hit shots that were not supposed to go in. Plain and simple. You know who else hits shots they have no right to be making? Josh Primo. Josh Primo does that.

She displayed a swagger that should not come from such a sweet, harmless looking person. You know who else has hidden swagger? Josh Baby Face Primo does, that’s who.

The raw talent just waiting to be discovered was released that Sunday on the court from my awesome, and evidently baller, wife. You know who else has that raw talent that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? You guessed it, Joshua Primo. 

Josh Primo's bag already includes unteachable tricks

It took a beat down in a game of H-O-R-S-E for me to realize that Josh Primo may indeed just be the real deal, a hidden gem, a blank canvas or even a diamond in the rough if you prefer for the San Antonio Spurs. Just look at some of these shots, and tell me you don’t see the raw athletic ability coupled with a pure unteachable jump shot. 

Rightfully so, this highlight package made the rounds on Spurs Reddit and had some admirers.

I am not sure folks in the 210 understand just what Josh Primo brings to the city of San Antonio. In a quiet, humble way, it appears as though the Silver and Black have a potential future All-Star on their hands. And given the franchises track record of developing players, that statement feels truer than not.

Primo has tremendous upside in being such a young buck. He turns just 20 years old on Christmas Eve this winter. Talk about a Christmas present for the Spurs. Dude can’t even get a margarita on the Riverwalk yet and is already turning heads in the NBA.  

The upside here is not only his youth. It also is his raw playmaking ability in which the Spurs have only begun to tap into. Josh Primo’s seeming limitless load of blessed athletic ability that includes unteachable basketball skills is now starting to become something tangible that fans can see for themselves. Combine this with his youth and Spurs nation should excited and confident. Two very different feelings that some on draft night when San Antonio drafted him.

There is a notable third component to Josh Primo which sets him apart from other second year guards in the league. The potential X factor if you will. It is his work ethic. He has been in the weight room this offseason as noted here on Air Alamo recently, and boy oh boy does it show. The kid is a gym rat, arriving early and staying late, all the while seeking praise from no one. 

Youth, talent, and work ethic. A rare combination in today’s National Basketball Association. Combine these traits with his crazy shot making ability, where it seems at times prayers are answered by the hoop gods, and the Spurs have a formula for success. 

Time is on the Spurs' side. With the NBA sleeping on San Antonio, the opportunity is there to develop Primo and fly under the radar for the next couple of years all the while molding a team around him as San Antonio embarks on a true rebuild. 

I have often heard fans complain that true rebuild years are boring, even dull. Not the case in San Antonio, Texas folks. Embrace the journey and believe the best days of this storied organization remain to be seen.

This writer honestly believes that. 

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I bet Josh Primo does too.