7 Players the Spurs could replace Keldon Johnson with by the trade deadline

If Keldon Johnson does not fit next to Victor Wembanyama, these seven players could replace him.
San Antonio Spurs, Keldon Johnson
San Antonio Spurs, Keldon Johnson / Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Pascal Siakam

This would be a gamble. The Spurs and Raptors made the Jakob Poeltl trade last season and know each other well. Still, Siakam is in the final year of his contract and likely searching for a max deal. The two-time All-Star wants to stay in Toronto, but no extension has come. If the two sides cannot agree on a deal, the Raptors should look to trade Siakam before the deadline.

The 6’8 forward is off to a bit of a slow start, but has scored over 21 points per game for four straight years and helped the Raptors win a championship in 2019. He is a strong playmaker with a versatile skill set. Siakam defends multiple positions, draws the opposition, and can go one-on-one against even the league’s best defenders.

The Spurs need a second star to pair with Victor Wembanyama, and Pascal Siakam may be the best available option. Toronto is 6-7 to start the season, but hanging around the Play-In Tournament. Is that enough to push them into a rebuild? The Raptors have already received offers for Siakam, but what is enough to make them execute the deal?

The San Antonio Spurs could certainly offer it. They would need assurance that Siakam is staying long-term, which may not happen. It could force the Spurs to go after another star with a looming decision.