Ranking 5 Dejounte Murray trades packages from worst to best

Here is how the Spurs could bring Dejounte Murray back to San Antonio.
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The San Antonio Spurs are rumored to have interest in bringing back Dejounte Murray. Yes, the 6’5 point guard who became an All-Star in his six years in the Alamo, and the front office traded to Atlanta for four first-round draft picks in 2022. The Hawks are struggling, and the Spurs desperately need a point guard. Fans have seen what Murray can do in San Antonio, and it appears both sides are past their problems with the other.

The All-Star guard won’t come cheap. Atlanta wants to retool around Trae Young and Jalen Johnson. Expect them to prioritize players who can help them now over maximizing their draft capital. The Spurs have more picks than they can make over the next seven years, but what young talent are they willing to part with?

This would be a fascinating trade. Murray’s value has dropped as he played next to Ice Trae in Atlanta. San Antonio has the assets to make a deal, and here are five possible packages ranked from worst to best for the Spurs.

5. Spurs land Murray as Hawks try to stay in contention

San Antonio is not contending this season, but they want to build a championship roster around Victor Wembanyama. The Spurs should be determining who fits and clearing out the players that don’t. Keldon Johnson could be on the block, and the Hawks are searching for versatile wings.

Atlanta must pick a lane. If they attempt to avoid the total rebuild, getting players who can help immediately makes sense. Could the Hawks land two plus significant draft capital from San Antonio? This package will be discussed.

Murray for Keldon plus 3 1sts

Assuming the Spurs could get a first-round pick for Keldon Johnson, this is of equal or greater value than what the Hawks paid for Murray coming off his All-Star season in San Antonio. This would be the worst-case scenario for the Spurs and a definite overpay.

The selections matter. The Spurs have a first-rounder from Charlotte, which will likely turn into two seconds. Atlanta may look to get back some of their own picks or unprotected Spurs ones. San Antonio likely attempts to move lesser selections. Not all firsts are equal, but they have enough in the Alamo to reach a middle ground.

Expect the San Antonio Spurs to try to lessen the draft pick cost by adding a young talent or two into the deal.