Prospect mocked to Spurs has poor NBA Combine showing

2021 NBA Draft
2021 NBA Draft / Arturo Holmes/GettyImages

The San Antonio Spurs might've just crossed a potential NBA Draft prospect off their list on Wednesday evening.

With three first-round picks and a second-round pick to utilize on June 23rd, San Antonio will be one of the most active teams on Draft night. As such, they'll be playing close attention to who stands out in this week's NBA Combine, which is currently taking place and runs through Sunday, May 22 (for more information on how to tune in, click here)

While there's still plenty to go in the event, one prospect who's recently been mocked to go to San Antonio as high as 20th already had a showing that might have him falling down some boards.

"Are we sure he jumped?" asked fellow Air Alamo writer Nic Yarbro when sharing this tweet with the staff. Another basketball fan had a similar question.

"Based on what I can find, this would be the 4th-lowest max vert recorded at the Combine since 2011," said NBA Scout Derek Murray in a follow-up tweet.

Heading into draft season, there were already several concerns about Patrick Baldwin Jr. My colleague, Dylan Carter, made a great analogy in his recent mock draft:

"Have you ever gone on a date with someone very attractive who carried a ton of red flags? Maybe your friends and family thought it was a bad idea, but you kept going back for more? You saw a pathway for that connection to blossom into a beautiful relationship that you couldn’t deny. That’s basically what’s happening to whoever picks Patrick Baldwin Jr."

Baldwin has size, mobility, and great off-ball skills, giving potential suitors something to build upon, but his poor showing paired with the existing red flags could drop him out of the first round entirely.

Many of the red flags stemmed from Baldwin opting to go play for his father at Milwaukee and proceeding to shoot just 26.6% from 3-point range and 34.4% overall.

As Pounding the Rock's Ty Jager shared, Baldwin had been mocked by various outlets three times in the past few days before this new development.

Expect Baldwin's stock to drop in mocks

The popular opinion by many after this showing is that Baldwin would be wise to get another year of experience in college to build up his game and stock. Time will tell if he ultimately does that or if a team will still take a chance on him based on his raw skills, but it's looking like the Spurs taking him with any of their first-round picks probably wouldn't be smart.

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Could the Spurs' top-notch shooting staff help Baldwin as a 38th pick? Probably. But it'll be up to the front office to decide if he's ready should he drop that far.