Spurs' most glaring needs after the first week of free agency

There are still holes the San Antonio Spurs need to fill after adding Chris Paul in the first week of free agency.
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2. A true 3-and-D forward

While Lauri Markkanen is still a possibility for the Spurs, talks have gotten quiet, making it seem like the 27-year-old forward will stay in Utah. If the Spurs do strike out on Markkanen for the second time, they could still use a 3-and-D forward who can contribute.

The Spurs' did two things poorly last season. They struggled at the three-point line and were poor defensively. To make matters worse, the Spurs were stout in these departments during their prime years, so it is tough to see these two factors slowing them down now. Similar to before, the 3-and-D type of forwards remaining (after Markkanen) are limited, so they could be forced to wait till next year or beyond to bring one to the team.

Forward Jeremy Sochan has a lot of potential, and the hopes are still high for him. However, the rate of his improvement has been slow, and ultimately, Sochan is not yet a starting caliber forward. Therefore, the forward position is a dire need for the Spurs, especially one who can knock down shots and be counted on defensively.

Perhaps the signing of Barnes fixes this issue momentarily, but going forward, this will remain a big need for the Spurs.