Spurs make major draft day trade with Minnesota: Instant reaction

The San Antonio Spurs traded the number eight overall pick and rights to Rob Dillingham to the Minnesota Timberwolves.
Rob Dillingham
Rob Dillingham / Andy Lyons/GettyImages

The San Antonio Spurs decided not to keep both of their lottery picks and kept their eye on the future instead. While there may have been a lot of skepticism over the star power of this draft, there are always good players to add to your roster if you do your due diligence. The front office felt as though they got the value they needed and made a deal that makes more sense than using a pick on a player you're unsure of.

The Spurs were clear about weighing all options

First of all, let's be clear: the offseason is not over yet. Free agency begins four days after the conclusion of the NBA draft. This deal allows the Spurs to keep roster room and cap space available to make deals that will fit better with the vision for the roster going forward. The instant reaction from many in the fan base was excitement when Rob Dillingham's name was called. It's understandable considering Dillingham shot 45% from three and is probably the best ball handler in the class.

The person who will feel the worst about this is Dillingham. He was vocal about his desire to join the Silver and Black's roster. It remains to be seen whether this deal is going to be worth it. You can't see around corners, and you don't know what kind of draft class will be up in 2030 or what the state of the Timberwolves will be.

It's unlikely the fan base will be happy with this move. The team has a lot of holes to fill and kicking the can down the road is never a popular option. Just keep in mind that there may not have been a good deal on the table and as dynamic as the former Kentucky Wildcat may be, he is still undersized in a league where guards are growing. For now, fans must be happy with Castle until the front office makes another move, but there's plenty of time for that.