Spurs drafting Stephon Castle sends message to NBA: Instant reaction, analysis

Stephon Castle
Stephon Castle / Jamie Squire/GettyImages

Coming into this draft, everyone knew what the San Antonio Spurs needed—a point guard, a starting wing, shooting, defense and depth. So, pretty much everything you need to succeed in the NBA. The team ranked poorly in just about every category except assists per game, so the team culture aspect is firmly in place, but this is the kind of upgrade the Silver and Black needed.

The San Antonio Spurs landed UCONN combo guard Stephon Castle fourth overall in the 2024 NBA Draft. Castle is a 6'6 guard with the ability to guard multiple positions on the floor. The Spurs wanted size at the guard position with smaller guards already on the roster. The move will give them the ability to switch just about every position on the perimeter.

Spurs are leaning on defense

Last season, the Spurs had a top-five defense with Wembanyama on the floor, but it was one of the worst in league history when he went to the bench. Adding a dynamic defender like Castle will help change that, adding another player who can lean on defense as a calling card.

When the Spurs were winning championships, they leaned on their defense more than anything. Castle will help them get back to that method. Versatility at every position is a large point of emphasis in offenses across the NBA these days. You need multiple guys who can defend on the switch and play with instinct aggressively.

Castle will have to improve his jump shot, but he'll use his intelligence, versatility and intensity to help him make an impact immediately.