The perfect prospect for the Spurs at each draft position

San Antonio Spurs fans have no doubt made up their minds about who the team should draft with their four picks, but which players would provide the best fit? 
2024 NBA Draft
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4th Pick: Stephon Castle

Despite questions about which position he'll play in the NBA, Stephon Castle appears to be the best possible fit of any player projected to fall to the Spurs at four. His size at 6'5 1/2 as well as his length at 6'10 and 1/2 help him to defend multiple positions, and that should translate to the NBA, where he'll likely be asked to guard point guards, shooting guards, and small forwards.

Offensively, his role is less clear-cut, but he could play a lot on the ball, either as a second or third playmaker. Castle, himself, wants to play point guard in the NBA, but if he were to play on the Spurs, he would spend time off-ball with Devin Carter, Devin Vassell, and Wembanyama creating.

The Spurs would have to work with him on improving his jumper to keep teams from sagging off both him and Jeremy Sochan. Even still, he does things like cut or hang out in the dunker spot to make defenses pay for underestimating him without the ball.

If Castle can be a good playmaker when he does have the ball and effective enough when he doesn't, then he should be a fine offensive player for the Spurs. However, his defensive potential and versatility may be his biggest selling points.

They can put him on the other team's best guard or wing and have him harass them. With no exploitable weak links on the perimeter, that would make Wembanyama's job a lot easier defending the paint, with him serving as a formidable second line of defense. Overall, picking Stephon Castle, Devin Carter, Cam Christie, and Trentyn Flowers would be a terrific draft for the Spurs.