San Antonio Spurs: Looking Ahead to the 2022 Rodeo Road Trip

Phoenix Suns  v San Antonio Spurs
Phoenix Suns v San Antonio Spurs / Ronald Cortes/Getty Images
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From February 9th to the 28th, the San Antonio Spurs will go on their annual Rodeo Road trip, one of the most grueling stretches in professional sports. At the end of winter, the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo take over the AT&T Center, sending the Spurs on a near month-long stretch of away games. When looking over the Spurs' schedule, this road trip always stands out.

Thankfully, this year, the trip actually seems to be manageable. The Spurs play eight games in 19 days, which is usually a fair ratio of play to rest, but with the constant travel, it’s a long stretch. However, realistically, the Spurs could easily win five games in that stretch. 

Before the trip kicks off, the Spurs have a five-night rest period, and in the middle of the trip is All-Star Weekend. While this may sound ideal, though, it actually leads to a bit of a mixed bag. The Spurs will be well-rested and in peak condition during some parts of the road trip, but it also means they have two road back-to-backs and twice have to plate three games in four nights.

Knowing San Antonio’s recent luck regarding participating in the All-Star festivities, though, the Spurs should be very well rested after the break, considering no Spurs are likely to be invited to participate. 

Here's a brief overview of each game the Spurs will be playing in this season's Rodeo Road Trip and the results that fans can expect from each game.