Did Josh Richardson Throw Shade at Chris Paul?

Josh Richardson
Josh Richardson / Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

There are times I've wondered how athletes in basketball would fare in other sports. But oftentimes it is a complex subject to think about because each sport is played differently. However, San Antonio Spurs guard Josh Richardson took a stab at it and compared basketball players to soccer stars recently. He may have inadvertently thrown a little shade at Chris Paul in the process.

In a video posted by ESPN, Richardson was told a list of soccer stars and he quickly rattled off names of NBA players he thought were similar. He compared Lionel Messi to LeBron James, Robert Lewandowski to Kevin Durant, Mo Salah to James Harden, Kylian Mbappe to Ja Morant, Neymar to Kyrie Irving, Bukayo Saka to Darius Garland, and Alexandre Lacazette to Chris Paul.

Richardson is a huge soccer fan, and his basketball comparisons are likely influenced by how he views each game. But fans quickly pointed out his Paul, Lacazette comparison was way off.

Twitter reacts to Josh Richardson's Chris Paul comparison

Fans pointed out that Lacazette is not a playmaker and CP3 is. Paul is arguably one of the best point guards in basketball. His amazing court vision and ability to get other players going is what makes him one of the greats. He was selected to the NBA's top 75 players of all time due to his skills on the court.

Most point guards are only good at creating shots for other players. Rarely do fans get to witness a guard that has an overall complete game. Paul has proven throughout his career that he can go for 30-points a game. But at the same time, he can create plays on the court.

Twitter users also noted that Lacazette is known for not performing when it mattered most. Paul, on the other hand, is the complete opposite. CP3 has won 65 playoff games, and in two of those games, he scored over 40 points.

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Richardson likely did not mean any harm when he compared CP3 to Lacazette, but it did lead to an interesting discussion.