Spurs insider reveals two players most discussed in trades

San Antonio Spurs, Gregg Popovich
San Antonio Spurs, Gregg Popovich / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

The San Antonio Spurs have been relatively quiet since trading their lone All-Star over the summer, but an insider recently revealed they're still active in trade discussions.

Since moving on from Dejounte Murray on June 30th, there have been several rumors that San Antonio was a serious option to take on Russell Westbrook's contract in exchange for assets. According to SpursTalk's LJ Ellis, those talks have stalled for now.

"A source close to the Spurs says the two teams are no longer engaged in active talks due to the Lakers preferring offers by both the Pacers and the Jazz," said Ellis in his recent column.

LJ Ellis was all over the Dejounte Murray trade rumors before other sources last summer and has been spot-on with many rumors in the past.

While it seems to be more evident by the day that the Lakers are hoping to move on from Westbrook as soon as possible, a Western Conference scout claims they're taking a "wait and see" approach in the hopes of maximizing their return.

Still, while a deal for Westbrook may not happen any time soon, that can change as the season goes on, as the Spurs are still one of only three teams that could and would take him for the right price.

Insider reveals two San Antonio Spurs most commonly discussed in trades

"Jakob Poeltl and Josh Richardson are the two Spurs players most commonly involved in trade talk," revealed Ellis in his column. According to him, the Spurs want two first round picks for their 26-year-old center, which has likely won't change given the value he still has.

For Richardson, San Antonio is looking for a first round pick in return.

The strategy makes perfect sense for the Spurs, as Poeltl still offers a lot to San Antonio, particularly on the defensive end. Still, he isn't a cornerstone guy, especially on a team still looking to establish its next star in a new, young era. As such, they shouldn't get trigger happy with a deal unless it impresses them, but he's far from immovable.

As Spurs writer Matthew Tynan recently discussed, Poeltl's contract discount is likely to be a thing of the past after this season, so that could be further incentive to move him. Still, like many others in the Spurs community, he argues they shouldn't do so at a reduced cost.

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The Silver and Black can afford to be patient and see which teams have a need for a difference-making center as the trade deadline approaches, and that's probably exactly what they're going to do.