Rumors: Spurs holding cap space for Westbrook, Irving trade

Kyrie Irving, Russell Westbrook
Kyrie Irving, Russell Westbrook / Kevin Mazur/GettyImages

According to a recent report, it's no accident that the San Antonio Spurs are pretty much the only team not signing anyone this offseason.

Over at, LJ Ellis, who previously used sources to correctly predict several details of the Dejounte Murray trade before it happened, wrote a column of the latest intel he's received. The headliner of the piece addressed the million dollar question: Why are the Spurs holding onto so much cap space?

According to Ellis, the Spurs are actively looking to use their cap space and net some draft capital in return. This has been something many have speculated from the beginning, but his sources mention a specific trade that's closer to happening than any other.

"The trade that's closest to happening involves Kyrie Irving being sent to the Los Angeles Lakers and Russell Westbrook being routed to the Spurs," he says. In exchange, San Antonio is seeking an unprotected first round pick from L.A.

A previous report we covered stated the Lakers' reluctance to include multiple first-round picks has been hindering a potential Westbrook trade. This new information appears to suggest the Spurs could settle for one first-round pick if it's unprotected. This implies San Antonio believes the Lakers won't be very good for the next few years, and it's hard to argue with that.

Which trades could the Spurs potentially be involved in?

According to Ellis, there are many big names currently on the trade market that could be involved in a trade that loops in San Antonio. Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, and Donovan Mitchell were among those he named, all of which have been heavily rumored to find new homes before the next trade deadline.

As his report further explains, the Spurs are aware that any such trade could take weeks or even months, but they're willing to take the risk in the hopes that at least one upcoming trade will require their for-rent cap space.

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With only the Pacers to contend with in a trade facilitation role, San Antonio could have some decent leverage to get a great return as teams possibly get more desperate to make a deal happen. Indiana will be a team to watch to see if they play the waiting game like the Spurs or look to shore up their roster now.