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Exploring 4 Spurs trade options to compile war chest of picks

Jakob Poeltl, Dejounte Murray
Jakob Poeltl, Dejounte Murray / Justin Ford/GettyImages
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Following the shocking deal that sent Dejounte Murray to the Atlanta Hawks, the San Antonio Spurs are now likely to make other trades to acquire more assets. While the team was already in a rebuild prior to the Murray trade, it appears that the Spurs have chosen to extend that process rather than speed it up.

The Spurs will have more cap space than expected due to a salary cap increase and by acquiring Danilo Gallinari, whom they've already bought out. That gives them the option to take back bigger contracts as a means to encourage teams to give up multiple assets in a deal. With that in mind, let’s examine a couple of possible trades.

Previously, I wrote about a potential trade involving Russell Westbrook, and an altered version of that deal seems much more likely now. Westbrook has the worst contract in the NBA, and the Lakers could be stuck with him for another year unless they're able to work out a deal with another team. 

While they're probably working hard to try and acquire Kyrie Irving by using his contract, if that fails, then the Spurs could be a backup option. Actually, there’s a deal that could benefit all involved.

After the jump, let's look at how this could benefit both teams.