Spurs may have odd man out if no offseason trades are made

The San Antonio Spurs won't have enough minutes to go around next season if they don't make any offseason moves, so which player would suffer?
San Antonio Spurs v Oklahoma City Thunder
San Antonio Spurs v Oklahoma City Thunder / Joshua Gateley/GettyImages

If the Spurs go into the start of next season as they finished this season, which can’t happen as they have two lottery picks to play with, there’s going to be an odd man out. The young nucleus is likely going to get their minutes. They all play important roles and Pop will not bench a guy like Keldon Johnson, as he’s looked at as a leader for the young team.

There isn’t enough depth for a big man to fall out of the rotation. Zach Collins is a polarizing figure for Spurs nation, but he’s an experienced big who plays well and provides veteran leadership for the team; he’s not going anywhere.

There is only one option for the Spurs based on need

Using that reasoning, guard will be the unlucky position set for a player to fall out of the rotation. Like last season at times, Malaki Branham is likely to lose minutes this upcoming year. With the Spurs projected by many to draft a point guard if they keep their picks in this draft and the prominence of Tre Jones’ play last season, there are no minutes available for a fourth point guard, when you consider Blake Wesley. Branham’s out of luck there.

There’s a logjam at shooting guard as well. Devin Vassell signed the largest contract in Spurs history a few years ago. He averaged 19.5 points per game in the starting role last season. Keldon Johnson has the versatility to come off the bench and can provide minutes as a shooting guard or small forward. There’s no space for Branham there either.

Coach Pop is always creative, but he’ll be hard-pressed to find minutes for Malaki Branham this season.