Spurs: Full details of Devin Vassell contract extension, implications, comparable salaries

The San Antonio Spurs have agreed to a contract extension with shooting guard Devin Vassell. What does it mean for the Silver and Black?
Devin Vassell
Devin Vassell / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages

SEVERE WEATHER ALERT! After inking a five-year extension worth $146 million (which includes $11 million in incentives) with San Antonio, the Midrange Messiah, Devin Vassell, will be raining buckets in a Silver and Black uniform for the foreseeable future. Spurs fans are encouraged to bring their umbrellas and wet suits to the AT&T Center on game nights.

The extension announcement comes just hours after Spurs Media Day and Vassell's press conference, where he played coy when asked about a potential deal being made.

"Just know I want to be a Spur for a long time, and that's all I can say,", Vassell had said on potential contract extension talks.

What we know about Devin Vassell's contract so far

Vassell was walking into the final year of his rookie contract, so a deal had to be done. He is too talented a player to let walk. The only question was about the type of contract the Spurs would offer him. At $146 million, the front office showed their starting shooting guard the money, Tom Cruise-style, but still left themselves with plenty of space to keep building the roster with patience and intelligence. San Antonio will have 45–60 million dollars in available cap space going into the next off-season.

Split up evenly, the money comes to about $29 million per year. The cap hit is not restrictive to the team and it will only look more appealing as the NBA cap continues to rise. The Florida State Seminole is still only 23 years old and has been growing tremendously in the three years he has been a professional hooper. Fans get a chance to watch the next chapter in his elevation process and according to Coach Pop, it will be noticeable.

On Tuesday, Bobby Marks released further details about the extension:

And his contract incentives were also revealed.

What other NBA players average near what Vassell will be making?

Gordon Hayward ($31.5 million), Julius Randle ($28.2 million), Kyle Lowry ($29.7 million, and DeMar DeRozan ($28.6 million) are a few names in Vassell's average salary range. These are deals that respect the athlete but are nowhere near what max players are receiving now. Three of the four players mentioned are past the age of 30, with Randle landing at 28 years old.

When you see the leaps the Spurs guard has taken since his rookie year and consider the Spurs are barely paying him more than a rapidly declining Kyle Lowry, you realize this is not just a team-friendly deal -- it's a team-bestie deal.