Respected national writer reveals Spurs' best-kept secret

Gregg Popovich, Devin Vassell
Gregg Popovich, Devin Vassell / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages

In the movie Man of Steel, Clark Kent's adopted father understood the world wasn't ready to see his son's abilities. Kent remained sheltered as he grew into a man, but when you can do the impossible and dangerous situations arise, his moral compass coerced him to put his greatest secret on the line to help others. Eventually, word got out about someone performing superhuman feats in plain sight, and Lois Lane showed up in Smallville to investigate, revealing Superman's existence to the world.

Devin Vassell has been a well-kept secret for the Spurs, and he has thrived under one of the best developmental staffs in the NBA. Fans are aware of the strides the Florida State product has made during his short career. However, he has slipped under the national radar since no one has paid attention to San Antonio until the recent arrival of Victor Wembanyama. That is no longer the case after Zach Lowe donned the guise of Lois Lane and unveiled the immense upside of the budding star.

Devin Vassell has a vast ceiling with the Spurs

Lowe continues touting Vassell in the latest episode of The Lowe Post, sharing his belief that he has the potential to become the third-best player on a title contender. If Wembanyama emerges as the sun-engulfing talent draft pundits predicted, he will be the clear-cut top player in the league. That level of individual dominance could allow Vassell to operate as the number two option if the Spurs can construct a competent supporting cast and find a reliable third wheel to round out their roster.

Fans can be sure the organization known for maximizing the potential of exceptional youngsters will do its part to sculpt Vassell into a premier player. The Georgia native will be responsible for tapping into the talent resting beneath the surface that takes him to stardom. But if the steps he has taken thus far are any indication, Devin is more than ready to put in the work. Go ahead and tell the world he's coming. Let them prepare.