Fred VanVleet and 4 free agents the Spurs might regret not signing

The Spurs will have second thoughts about letting these free agents sign elsewhere.
San Antoino Spurs, Fred VanVleet
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The San Antonio Spurs drafted Victor Wembanyama, one of the best prospects in NBA history, with the number one pick. It was a franchise-altering move that completely changed the direction of the franchise. Everything now revolves around Wemby and maximizing his potential.

The Spurs had the second-most cap space in the NBA entering the offseason. They could have added a max player, but San Antonio decided to slow play it. The Spurs operated as the third-team in trades taking on unwanted contracts for additional draft capital. They are trying to keep the pressure off Wembanyama in year one and have the assets to acquire a star when the 7’3 big man is ready to breakout.

San Antonio does not expect to be in the playoffs in 2024. They are strictly focused on development, but the Spurs will have second thoughts about not being active in the free-agent market. There were multiple chances to upgrade their roster and further Wemby’s evolution that San Antonio passed on.

Free agents the San Antonio Spurs might regret not signing

5. Cory Joseph

The Spurs are light on ball-handling and playmaking heading into the season. They re-signed Tre Jones to be the starting point guard, but have Devonte Graham and Cameron Payne backing him up. San Antonio took on Graham’s contract with four second-round picks last season, and Payne was acquired with a second-round selection this summer. Neither is a pass-first point guard and both struggle with their efficiency.

The Spurs could use a distributor that gets everyone involved and is focused on making quality plays. Joseph signed a one-year $3.1 million deal with the Golden State Warriors this offseason, and the former Spurs first-round pick would have been a fantastic addition. The 12-year veteran knows how to organize an offense, make plays, space the floor, and create open looks. That is just what San Antonio needs around their 7’3 rookie big man.

Can Cameron Payne surprise in the Alamo? Does Devonte Graham improve his shot selection? If not, the San Antonio Spurs will regret not signing Cory Joseph this summer.