Spurs fans share instant trade grades for Dejounte blockbuster

Jae'Sean Tate, Dejounte Murray
Jae'Sean Tate, Dejounte Murray / Bob Levey/GettyImages
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The San Antonio Spurs shook up the NBA landscape on Wednesday, opting to finally go into total rebuild mode by trading Dejounte Murray to the Atlanta Hawks.

It was a move that became increasingly expected over the week as rumors continued to heat up, but it still didn't make things less painful for fans of the Silver and Black. In my immediate reaction to the trade, I suggested the Spurs may look back at this move and regret it.

Of course, emotions were high at the time -- and while that still might ring true, I've since talked myself off the ledge a little bit with a clearer picture of San Antonio's long-term goal. The Spurs absolutely needed to move away from mediocrity, and although it's not in the direction we all wanted, the reality is they've finally at least picked a lane.

Still, there's rightfully plenty of controversy about whether the Spurs made the right call with their star point guard, especially considering the season he just had. To get a better picture of where fans stood in the wake of the blockbuster trade, I sent out a survey to my followers on Twitter.

The task was simple -- grade the trade from the Spurs' point of view from A to F and state why. In less than 24 hours, 62 people responded, with many having plenty to say on the matter. Let's jump into your grades, from the least popular answer to the most.

F Grade - 3 votes (4.8%)

Kudos to almost all of you for not giving the Spurs the worst grade possible even with tensions running high. Only three people surveyed gave this trade a failing grade. "Trading for the future is absurd," said @thetanishsingh. "All that matters is now. The future is never promised. We cannot sit and hope. We must do."

After the jump, I'll dive into some opinions on the return San Antonio got back and how Coach Popovich's future plays into the situation.