Spurs Fans Create Hilarious Campaigns for Dejounte Murray's All-Star Bid

Dejounte Murray, Carmelo Anthony
Dejounte Murray, Carmelo Anthony / Harry How/GettyImages

Considering the small market, it might be tough to get Dejounte Murray into the NBA All-Star Game via fan vote, but that isn't stopping San Antonio Spurs faithful from trying.

With all the hype around guys like Stephen Curry, LeBron James, and Ja Morant, it might come down to being creative to get the attention Murray needs to be voted in by the public. As I've been noticing on social media lately, that's exactly what has been happening.

As I shared once voting for the NBA All-Star Game opened, the only requirement to have your vote recorded on Twitter is having #NBAAllStar plus either #DejounteMurray or @DejounteMurray in your tweet. The rest is up to fans.

Some have taken to trending topics to try to get more votes for San Antonio's prized point guard.

Some used trickery to try to get Murray a few unintended votes.

Others re-purposed memes for a greater cause.

My personal favorite comes from Mac Pena, who shared how Pope Francis has his priorities straight when it comes to the All-Star Game this February.

Considering the fan vote is more of a popularity contest than one based on merit, Murray making the All-Star Game this way is probably a long shot. Still, it's entertaining to see the lengths fans will go to give their guy a chance.

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Voting for the NBA All-Star Game can be done on Twitter, via vote.nba.com, and on the NBA app and runs through midnight ET on January 22nd. On "2-for-1 Days", votes for Murray will double. Those will take place on January 7th, 13th, 17th, and 20th.