San Antonio Spurs fan goes viral for Kawhi hate gone too far

San Antonio Spurs Kawhi Leonard
San Antonio Spurs Kawhi Leonard / Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

The relationship San Antonio Spurs fans have with Kawhi Leonard spans every emotion possible. Some have completely forgiven the two-time NBA champion and want nothing but the best for his career going forward. Others see him as public enemy number one and a stain on the culture of the city. Many, like myself, land somewhere in between without going too extreme either way.

One man on Twitter recently took his hatred of Kawhi a little too far and is rightfully getting blasted online for it. Attending an NBA Summer League game, @RealSpurnandez shared a video of his son shouting expletives at Leonard, who was watching in the stands (warning: graphic language).

The tweet has only been up for three hours as of this write-up but already has over 600 quote tweets to just near 250 likes. The comments are also full of other Spurs fans making it known he doesn't represent Spurs Twitter by any means.

Unfortunately, the original sharer has spent much of the afternoon doubling down on encouraging his child to curse at a stranger over a basketball game. "I didn't know people were that sensitive," he said in one response.

Earlier this afternoon, 2-time NBA All-Star Donovan Mitchell even chimed in on the shameful tweet.

Right before I published this, Dejounte Murray also weighed in, saying "This don't make yo son no damn savage. This is lame and whoever support this nonsense is lame too!!!!!!" The tweet has since been deleted.

I've certainly taken my shots at Kawhi Leonard through my writing, whether it be from calling out his diva-like tendencies or including him in my Biggest Spurs Villain of All Time Tourney. Still, I know full well there's a line. Calling out some questionable things he does in a professional way is one thing. Doing something like this is another.

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To anyone that reads this, know Spurs' fan community as a whole doesn't claim this man nor condone his actions. It's a terrible look.