Spurs draft analysis: 3 potential point guards and what they bring

The San Antonio Spurs' need for a young point guard could be fulfilled in the 2024 draft, featuring a handful of solid point guard prospects.
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1) Rob Dillingham PG - Kentucky

Dillingham is one of the most dynamic shot-creators in college basketball. He is always finding a way to attack opposing defenses with his scoring. He can fill it up in a variety of ways and his change of direction is second to none. Dillingham is well on his way to becoming one of the next great Kentucky one-and-done guards.

After coming off the bench for most of the season, he will likely need to adjust to playing more minutes in the NBA. He'll need to keep up the pace he plays at for 35-plus minutes but with how easily he impacts games, he'll likely answer the bell.

Dillingham's high motor and crafty in-the-lane attack mirror former Kentucky alums like Tyrese Maxey and Immanuel Quickley. Each of these three are skilled at crafty layups and floaters and they all have one main thing in common: they are complete playmakers.

Dillingham in particular can make every pass—fast break, cross-court and off the dribble. Ultimately, his impact does not stop at scoring. He can be a team's true point guard.

His thin frame (178 pounds) may scare some away, as he can possibly be easily bullied in the NBA, especially if he has to play shooting guard at times. But like many NBA players with a similar frame, Dillingham's skill set in other areas is too high for teams to worry about his size disadvantage. His scoring arsenal and his play-making ability trump all.

Rob Dilllingham elevates San Antonio in more ways than the previous two mentioned. He can not just improve Wembanyama's game, he also gives San Antonio another offensive weapon. His offensive game would take the pressure off of Victor, who carried the team last year at times. Dillingham would attract just as much attention from teams as Wembanyama does, making them a two-headed monster duo.

Topic, Castle and Dillingham are all different players and each would bring a unique talent to San Antonio. If one of these three were selected by the Spurs, they would not only elevate Wembanyama but the team as a whole would improve heavily.

As the draft combine nears and with a month and a half until the first round, San Antonio must put their free agency or trade scenarios to the side. This year's class could give them a better building piece for the future than an off-season trade or signing would.