Spurs draft analysis: 3 potential point guards and what they bring

The San Antonio Spurs' need for a young point guard could be fulfilled in the 2024 draft, featuring a handful of solid point guard prospects.
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2) Stephon Castle PG - UConn

UConn can credit a lot of their success this season to point guard Stephon Castle. Named the Big East's freshman of the year, Castle is as "lockdown" of a defender as it gets. For a team like San Antonio that once prized themselves on quality defense, Castle can turn back the clock.

San Antonio was one of the worst teams in the league defensively in 2023–2024, seemingly looking lost on some nights. You draft a guy like Castle thanks to his defense, especially if you are a team filled with younger, less-established players. Stephon has the size (6'6), frame and disciplined guarding technique to smother opposing guards. The UConn guard rarely gets beat and has the toughness to never get cut off on screens, instead fighting through them.

On offense, he is not a lights-out shooter, but he excels at scoring close to the rim (60% FG under the rim) and is smooth with the ball in his hands. He has a great feel for controlling the tempo of the game, showing he can direct any offense. He is a great pocket passer and a pick-and-roll combo with Wembanyama would be lethal.

Castle can come in right away and be effective nonetheless. Even if San Antonio somehow signs a free-agent point guard this off-season, he would still be a great addition. He has a lot of ways to earn minutes early in his career and over time, could mold into the point guard of the future.