Spurs: Dejounte Murray to Hawks rumors gaining traction by the minute

Dejounte Murray
Dejounte Murray / Casey Sykes/GettyImages

The rumors about the San Antonio Spurs being in serious talks to trade Dejounte Murray to the Atlanta Hawks continue to pick up steam.

Although I was hesitant to believe reports a few days ago from Bleacher Report's Jake Fischer, more names have started to report further details on the ongoing talks. The latest came from WSBTV's Zach Klein out of Atlanta.

Although several reports have suggested John Collins would be involved in such a deal, this is the first one that says he actually may not be. Instead, the Spurs would be receiving 33-year-old forward Danilo Gallinari and multiple 1st round picks for their All-Star guard. The intrigue there would likely be his expiring contract. Klein is just one of a few reporters who've said they've heard about ongoing talks, with Fischer and Marc Stein being others.

As Spurs Twitter tends to do with breaking stories, they were quickly able to uncover another fact that could mean there's much more fire to this smoke than we all originally thought. Shortly before the NBA Draft took place, our own Nic Yarbro posted a screenshot of NBA agent Michael Tellem calling Spurs GM Brian Wright during a press conference.

Wright himself even commented on how observant Spurs Twitter was, saying he took his watch off for the next presser.

That led to some speculation surrounding the Spurs possibly dealing Jakob Poeltl or drafting Ousmane Dieng, both of which are clients of Tellem. Shortly after Klein's tweet, however, a Spurs fan noticed that Gallinari is also a client of Tellem's.

A Hawks fan later shared that Klein has been right about a lot of Hawks-related things over the years.

Are the Spurs really going to deal Dejounte for some picks?

While there still hasn't been anything concrete out of the Spurs camp (and there won't be until a potential deal is reached), it's safe to assume that San Antonio is seriously considering making a big move toward their future at the expense of the immediate season.

Moving on from Murray would likely make Keldon Johnson the go-to guy in San Antonio, with Devin Vassell and Jakob Poeltl likely taking on bigger roles as well. Given that the first two are still very much figuring things out and Poeltl isn't a dynamic scorer, this would mean the 2022-23 season could get ugly while the following few years could get very interesting.

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With free agency officially beginning on Thursday, June 30th, there's going to be a lot of shakeups in the league, and the Spurs could very well kick things off if these rumors turn out to be true.