San Antonio Spurs all-time leaders in double-doubles

Tony Parker congratulates Tim Duncan
Tony Parker congratulates Tim Duncan / Jed Jacobsohn/GettyImages

The double-double may not be as magnificent or elusive as the triple-double, but it has long been the standard criteria used to highlight excellence across multiple areas of the game. While it is far from an unassailable barometer for measuring greatness, the players who routinely accomplish this statistical feat often have a pronounced impact on winning.

When the term double-double comes up in basketball discussions, your mind instantaneously thinks of household names like Hakeem Olajuwon, Kevin Garnett, Isiah Thomas, and Steve Nash, superstars who leave their fingerprints all over a matchup. All those legends could score the ball, but it was their ability to clean the glass or dish dimes that set them apart.

While the San Antonio Spurs have a team-first culture predicated on moving the rock in search of the best shot possible, the organization has built their system around transcendent talents who are more than capable of carrying an offense. Buying into that structure might have shaved points off their per-game numbers, but it never stopped them from racking up double-doubles.

Before we look at the franchise leaderboard for double-doubles, here is how the NBA defines them.

"When a player reaches double figures (10 or more) in two of the five main statistical categories – points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks – they have achieved a double-double."

San Antonio Spurs All-Time Leaders in Double-Doubles

1. Tim Duncan (841)
2. David Robinson (544)
3. LaMarcus Aldridge (118)
4. Tony Parker (98)
5. Avery Johnson (95)
6. Terry Cummings (82)
7. Artis Gilmore (80)
8. Dejounte Murray (65)
9. Alvin Robertson (65)
10. Jakob Poeltl (59)

It should come as no shock that Tim Duncan and David Robinson are lightyears ahead of anyone else on this historic list of iconic Spurs. The Hall of Famers were the foundation of the franchise for almost three decades, and their dominant rebounding made them nightly double-double threats. Though the leaderboard is devoid of current players, perhaps Victor Wembanyama can change that soon.