15 Times Coach Popovich Roasted Victims

Gregg Popovich
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9. "I think that's a great question. What was the question?"

Victim: NBA Press

As I just mentioned, that press conference before Game 7 of the 2013 NBA Finals saw Coach Popovich at his finest when it comes to roasting everyone in his path. When asked about the team's mindset, he came back with probably the most long-form sarcastic response he's ever had.

"How did your guys manage the last couple of days? What was the mindset like of your team?" asked a reporter.

"See, you know? He stayed up late for that one," said Pop. "He didn't just wing it and his boss sent him a little note. He had a list of about 10 questions and as the day went, he eliminated this one and this one, and you came up with that one. I think that's a great question. What was the question?"

The last part made the whole press room laugh, as you can see from the clip here.

10. "I'll forget your names, but I thought it would be polite to ask."

Victim: Random training camp guys

Coming in at number 10 is a three-for-one roast. While there is the occasional serious berating from Coach Pop (more of which you'll see soon), most of his best quips are when he's clearly joking. That was the case at a basketball camp sometime in his earlier years when he was running drills with some attendees.

After asking his volunteers for their names, he quickly expressed that he didn't really care.

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11. "He called me Ray Romano."

Victim: James Borrego

When Coach Popovich set the all-time record for wins by an NBA head coach in the regular season, I took that opportunity to highlight just how well-respected he is by other coaches around the league. In this mega-thread on Twitter, I highlighted a quote from almost all 29 of them.

By far, everyone's favorite was the time Hornets' head coach James Borrego talked about his first season as an assistant under Pop.

"Gregg Popovich. A mentor, friend. Someone that believed in me. Grew me. Someone in my first year that didn't even know my name. Called me Ray Romano."

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12. "How can you be that professional in a suit that looks like that?"

Victim: Craig Sager

One of Coach Popovich's favorite targets throughout his career was none other than Craig Sager. The long-time sports reporter and broadcaster became known for his flashy attire that included brightly-colored blazers and ensembles.

Everyone from Kevin Garnett to Popovich routinely light-heartedly made fun of Sager's fashion sense, and it always led to great on-camera moments.

After Sager passed away from acute myeloid leukemia in 2016, Popovich went out of his way to stay in touch with his family and make sure they were all ok as they dealt with the tragedy. Sager's daughter recently shared just how much of an impact Pop made in the family's healing.