Salary cap expert outlines how Spurs could nab Chris Paul (if they want to)

The San Antonio Spurs are reported to be a potential landing spot for Chris Paul, and they have the means to make it happen.
Gregg Popovich, Chris Paul
Gregg Popovich, Chris Paul / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

Back when Tony Parker was running pick-and-rolls in a heated playoff series against the then-New Orleans Hornets, it would have been difficult to imagine Chris Paul in silver and black, yet here we are. The notion has evolved from nothing more than a fleeting thought to a definite preference. The San Antonio Spurs are in need of a veteran presence, and one as knowledgeable as CP3 would be the most optimal choice for that role.

Long-time NBA reporter Marc Stein recently mentioned that the Spurs and the Los Angeles Lakers are the two teams that repeatedly come up as potential suitors for Paul's services—an interesting point to note.

Chris Paul is due $30 million. That number is guaranteed if the Golden State Warriors decide to keep him on the team past June 28th. If waived, Paul becomes an unrestricted free agent, and NBA writer Paul Garcia explained exactly what kind of contract the Spurs could offer the 18-year veteran.

Why the Spurs should go after Chris Paul

The timing is perfect. Whether San Antonio wants to take things slow or speed up the timeline, Chris Paul has the experience to share with the team. He can help the team understand what it means to keep focus from start to finish, establishing accountability for all players.

The most obvious person who would benefit is Victor Wembanyama, and in his article, Paul Garcia describes the benefit to an incoming point guard of studying under CP3 for as long as possible. But Devin Vassell will be the underrated beneficiary of Paul's acquisition.

The Spurs have been clear about what they think about Vassell's potential and having a point guard who knows how to set him up could help him take that next step. Devin took way too many highly-contested jump shots last season. If Paul can help him understand how to get cleaner looks, it would be another piece of the puzzle unlocked for San Antonio's resurgence.