Staff Roundtable: Should Spurs Tank or Compete for the Play-In?

Becky Hammon, Mitch Johnson, Gregg Popovich, Bennie Adams
Becky Hammon, Mitch Johnson, Gregg Popovich, Bennie Adams / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages
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With 10 games left in the regular season, the San Antonio Spurs still somehow find themselves with a chance to make the NBA Play-In Tournament.

As you can find in my previous post of all notable upcoming dates, the Spurs will play their last game of the season on April 10th in Dallas, which could be the last time fans will see them on the court until next season. If they go on a run and other teams falter, though, they could find themselves in their third straight play-in situation since its inception three seasons ago.

A spot in the tournament would give San Antonio a chance to win two games to sneak in the the 2022 NBA Playoffs, where they'd likely face the defending Western Conference champions, the Phoenix Suns.

With the season winding down, there has been much debate all over social media about whether the Silver and Black should pack it in for these last three weeks. Last month, several members of the organization chimed in on such an idea.

"If you put yourself in the situation, more as a coach than any other position in the organization, besides players, you can’t go to your team and ask them to lose," said Popovich. "You can’t do that. It’s an impossibility for all of the logical reasons you can think of on your own."

The team's newest star, Dejounte Murray, also gave his thoughts.

Devin Vassell echoed Murray's sentiment, saying the team isn't thinking about the lottery and are set on making a run for the playoffs. Since then, of course, the Spurs have fallen further in the standings and would need to improve quite a bit to sneak their way in.

While I expect the Spurs to compete until the bitter end, I wanted to gauge what's in the minds of our Air Alamo staff to see where they all stand in terms of how the team should approach the final weeks. After the jump, a look at how all seven of us felt on the matter.