Rooting interest in Western Conference Finals chosen for Spurs fans

The Western Conference Finals are set and it should be clear that there's only one team San Antonio Spurs fans should be rooting for.
San Antonio Spurs v Minnesota Timberwolves
San Antonio Spurs v Minnesota Timberwolves / David Berding/GettyImages

After a pair of grueling semifinal series, only two teams are left standing in the Western Conference. The Minnesota Timberwolves continue their impressive breakout playoff run while a battered Luka Doncic leads the Dallas Mavericks to their second Western Conference Finals in three years.

The Timberwolves are coming off one of the most exciting moments in franchise history after grinding out a Game 7 win in Denver. But there's no time to rest; Luka and Kyrie Irving pose a brand new threat to the Wolves' elite defense and are not to be taken lightly. But we're not here to break down the X's and O's.

This will be a close series; there's no telling which might make it to the NBA Finals at this point. But when it comes to choosing which team San Antonio Spurs fans should throw their support behind, the answer is obvious.

It's time for Spurs fans to hop on the Timberwolves bandwagon

You can be impressed by Kyrie Irving's elite handles and appreciate the passing wizardry of Luka Doncic. There is still no way any true Spurs fan should be able to cheer for the Dallas Mavericks.

From the long list of battles between Dirk Nowitzki and the Spurs to individual moments like Vince Carter's game-winning three in 2014, the rivalry between these two inter-state rivals is as good as any that you'll find in the NBA. That alone should dissuade Sprus fans from considering rooting for Dallas. Even if that wasn't the case, the Wolves simply have a better story going for them.

Minnesota sports fans are used to experiencing heartbreak across a variety of sports at professional and collegiate levels alike. For most of their franchise history, the Wolves have been no exception. They've never made the NBA Finals and this marks just the second time they've made the Conference Finals across their 35-year history.

If breaking a cycle of disappointment wasn't enough, the Wolves also play a style of basketball that anyone should be able to get behind. As a team, they pride themselves on defense and show up every night ready to go to war with whoever they're facing. They're a no-nonsense, well-connected monster that wants to bully you into submission. At the individual level, they're just as entertaining.

The floating back-to-the-basket footwork, hard-nosed defense, explosive athleticism, and charismatic interviews make it easy to see why Anthony Edwards is drawing comparisons to two of the game's greats. The NBA version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Karl-Anthony Towns, has an elite package that will have you screaming with elation and ripping your hair out in a matter of plays and you can't forget the newly crowned Sixth Man of the Year, Naz Reid.

Fueled by the prospect of making history, the Wolves have driven their fans to a fever pitch with their play. Minneapolis is buzzing with energy and you can bet that the Target Center will be a madhouse on Wednesday night. Seeing that level of passion and excitement from such a long-suffering fanbase should be enough to make any basketball fan at least a little sympathetic.

So listen to Anthony Edwards and get on board the Wolves bandwagon. They're fun as hell to cheer for and they're on the verge of making franchise history. Besides, it'll be a cold summer in South Texas before you ever find me cheering for the Dallas Mavericks.