Retired NBA star recycles tired Tim Duncan argument, sounds clueless

Gilbert Arenas shared a thoughtless opinion about The Big Fundamental on his podcast, and it is no surprise that he was very wrong.

Tim Duncan
Tim Duncan / Hector Vivas/GettyImages

The secret society of assassins in the John Wick franchise has figured out how to cultivate a successful dynamic by adhering to several specific rules. Everyone respects the hierarchy, you do not conduct business in certain places, and particular individuals are considered untouchable. If basketball governed itself under that last rule, Gilbert Arenas would be in serious trouble for his latest take on San Antonio Spurs legend Tim Duncan.

Anyone who fixes their lips to call the best power forward of all time a "fill-in piece" needs a visit from the High Table or a trip to the principal's office for a strict talking to at the very least. His greatness allowed the Spurs to enjoy an undeniable reverence still felt today. When one of the most decorated head coaches in professional sports, Gregg Popovich, says he could never have accomplished what he did without Tim Duncan, listen to him.

Tim Duncan's immediate impact for the Spurs cannot be overstated

Kevin Garnett is an all-time great in his own right. However, The Big Ticket needed four years in the league to average 20 points per game when Duncan cracked that number during his rookie season. Whereas a teenage Garnett entered the NBA straight out of high school, Timmy was the consensus top pick after four years at Wake Forest. But Duncan picked up basketball later in life than KG, so it all evens out. Hoops discourse will be better when we stop comparing these iconic forwards.

After San Antonio selected Duncan, David Robinson only had one more superstar season left in him, which came during their first go-round together. The subsequent years were less productive for The Admiral as injuries riddled the twilight of his career. Arenas continued insinuating Duncan came into a ready-made situation, even suggesting Sean Elliott and Mario Elie were stars despite their advanced age and dwindling nightly numbers alongside Timmy.

It is no secret San Antonio is a well-run organization, but that is no reason to penalize Duncan. Well-run organizations are not worth much without superstar talent to take them over the horizon. Winning championships is a tall task in any professional league. Many Hall of Famers have never had the pleasure of hoisting the Larry O'Brien Trophy. Those who have done so multiple times have earned the respect that comes with that accomplishment. The last thing they deserve is this nonsense, so stop it.