NBA Shooting Guard Tier List: Where Does Devin Vassell Rank?

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The San Antonio Spurs had the cap space to put together lucrative offers to lure coveted free agents to the 2-1-0 this offseason, and winning the Victor Wembanyama sweepstakes added more pressure on them to accelerate their timeline. But Brian Wright and the front office took a cautious approach to team building with the intent of watching this young core develop into a contender organically.

Though the Silver and Black have assembled an impressive collection of talented prospects through the draft in recent seasons, Devin Vassell has somehow glided under the radar. The 23-year-old two-guard has a track record of overachieving projections, and he looks well-positioned to put himself on the map in the Alamo City. So, where does Vassell rank among the best swingmen in the league?

Tier One: All-NBA Contenders

These names are the crème de la crème of shooting guards in the NBA, and there is no question that Devin Vassell has much to prove before reaching the summit of his preferred position. Each player in this tier is a certified superstar with at least an outside chance of earning MVP consideration.

1.) Devin Booker
2.) Donovan Mitchell
3.) Jaylen Brown

Devin Booker, Donovan Mitchell, and Jaylen Brown are world-class scorers with the talent to anchor a massive share of the offense for a championship contender. Every front office dreams of finding guys who alter the momentum of a matchup, and their impact makes them practically untouchable.

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