Ranking the San Antonio Spurs’ top 7 trade assets for 2023–24

Keldon Johnson
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Despite only starting their rebuild a few seasons ago, the San Antonio Spurs have quietly amassed an impressive amount of assets. Those assets were acquired in the hopes of landing the team their next franchise player, and after winning the 2023 NBA Draft Lottery, they will soon have one. Victor Wembanyama will almost certainly be picked first by the Spurs, and he will give the team an embarrassment of riches.

After all, after aggressively stockpiling draft picks to help in their pursuit of an elusive superstar, they suddenly have more picks than they know what to do with. In fact, they could have three first-round selections next year and three more the year after. Even if they were to consolidate some of those selections, they would still have plenty more after that.

They also have several players on their roster that certainly qualify as assets that other teams would want if they were to become available on the trade market. With so many assets at the Spurs' disposal, several of them stand out, but which one is most valuable? Let's take a look.

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