Ranking fits of Trae Young, Donovan Mitchell, and Darius Garland for Spurs

The futures of Trae Young, Donovan Mitchell and Darius Garland are uncertain, according to rumors, so we ranked their fits with the San Antonio Spurs.
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The San Antonio Spurs may be in the most crucial offseason in franchise history, and there are two ways they can approach it. Either they invest in proven talent that can be used to build a championship-contending team around their cornerstone, Victor Wembanyama, or they continue acquiring building blocks through the NBA draft.

There's no wrong way to approach the rebuild. While the Spurs have not reached the postseason since 2019, the 2022–23 season was the first true rebuilding year. Luckily, San Antonio could cash out on their building block early by landing Wembanyama. Many expected him to take a season or two to get accustomed to NBA basketball. However, this kid is ready now, and nobody could've expected it to happen so quickly.

One of the positions the Spurs need to fill the most is guard. San Antonio has to pair Wemby with a guard who can score and create shots at an elite level while seeing the floor to generate looks for teammates. There are plenty of guys who will be available, and it's time to rank three of them by who would be the best fit next to The Alien.

3. Donovan Mitchell

Mitchell has been that guy since his rookie season with the Jazz. Since his arrival in Cleveland, it seems that his play has just gone under the radar, and nobody pays attention to what he's done this season. 'Spida' had an eye-popping season for the Cavs, with averages of 26.1 points, 5.1 rebounds, and 6.1 assists.

Since the former first-round pick began his tenure with Cleveland, his play in both the regular and postseason has been stellar, but it's yet to contribute to a deep playoff run for his Cavs squad. This roster has too much talent to be a first or second-round exit, with guys like Darius Garland, Evan Mobley, Jarrett Allen, and more.

The 27-year-old guard is one of the most versatile scorers in the game; with a versatile three-level attack, his game is almost unpredictable because of how deep his bag is.

Mitchell isn't known for being one of the best ball handlers in the game, but his ability to create shots off the dribble is underrated. He's one of the best off-screen players in the league, averaging 9.2 points a night as a pick-and-roll ball handler and a Mitchell and Wembanyama pick-and-roll could have limitless possibilities between Wemby's interior dominance and Mitchell's ability to pull short jumpers.

Mitchell's explosive game would be a game changer for Spurs

Donovan is a highly regarded scorer. His efficiency from all levels of the floor is just about or even above league average outside of the left corner three, which he's only attempted 13 times on the season.

If you want a bucket, put the ball in Mitchell's hands, and he will get it however he needs to. He has a dangerous tendency to generate space on step-back jumpers, especially in isolation. When he gets isolation plays, opponents have to worry about him doing the salsa on his defender and at any given moment, he can put his head down and turn opposing bigs who challenge him screensavers.

The way he plays with pace is an art. He never seems to panic or try to force a shot and is constantly processing the defense to generate the best looks to get points on the board. Something very unique about his game is that, at one moment, he can have a full head of steam to the basket but suddenly kill his momentum to fake out defenders for a different look. The way Mitchell manages his momentum is exciting to watch, as he can control the game at any pace.

Some superstars struggle to show up when the lights are at their brightest; Mitchell is the opposite. Every year, Donovan elevates his play and does everything he can to extend his team's season. Three times has he put up 50+ in a postseason clash, and you can always count on him to be the closer in clutch time.

While San Antonio needs a guard who can score at an uncanny level, they also need a guard who can quickly process defenses, and that's separate from the game Mitchell is known for. How he can process and split defenders benefits his ability to score more than generate looks for others; however, it can become dangerous when he drives in and draws defenders from teammates to create wide-open looks.

As mentioned, the Cavs and Donovan have a fascinating situation this summer. They managed to defeat the Orlando Magic in the first round, but it wasn't easy, and now they face the title-favored and extremely deep Boston Celtics in round two. If Cleveland is sent home early once again, Cavaliers General Manager Mike Gansey must begin to think about the future of his four-time All-Star.

Mitchell only has one more guaranteed year on his contract for the 2024–25 season and has a player option the following summer. There could be greener pastures for Donovan, and Cleveland may want to get assets out of him since they gave up a haul to acquire him in case they fear he will leave.

His contract is the most significant part of a potential Mitchell and San Antonio pairing. With an extension looming and one that'll most likely be worth at least $30 million annually, you have to wonder if the Spurs want to kill off cap space before extending Wembanyama, and who knows what that deal could look like?