Ranking each prospect mocked to the Spurs by fit: from awkward to awesome

The San Antonio Spurs may have not one but two lottery picks in the 2024 NBA Draft and have plenty of options, but which prospects fit the best?
Rob Dillingham, and Reed Sheppard
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1) Nikola Topic

Nikola Topic is widely seen as the best playmaker in the draft and has thus been consistently linked to the Spurs due to their lack of a point guard, but he isn't without his flaws. Topic is terrific at attacking and finishing the paint, which helps to offset his questionable outside shooting.

To his credit, he attempts a lot of threes off the dribble, so he is probably a better shooter than he's shown thus far. If Topic's shooting comes around, he could be a star, but even if he doesn't, he will probably still be an above-average starter.

As a passer, he is impressive in the pick-and-roll and often tosses pin-point pocket passers to the roll-man in the middle of the lane for easy finishes. He also has a tendency to drive and toss wrap-around passes while underneath the basket to cutters or spot-up shooters after drawing defensive attention. It's hard not to imagine him beating his defender, getting to the rim, and throwing a pass behind his defender's back to a cutting Wembanyama or Jeremy Sochan for an easy two.-and-

Defensively, he is generally considered to be below average, and while he made some decent plays on that end, the low lights are frequent and even comical. He often gets blown by or loses his man, and he has even fallen several times trying to recover.

Still, at 6'6, he is at least big for a point guard, making it easier for him to guard wings while another Spur defends the point guard if needed. Ultimately, Topic would solve the Spurs' biggest issue if they selected him with their own pick. And if he can improve on his flaws, he could be a special player.