Pros and Cons of selecting Stephon Castle over Rob Dillingham

Stephon Castle and Rob Dillingham have been linked to the San Antonio Spurs for quite some time, but there are more reasons to believe that Castle is the guy.
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The Spurs endured many growing pains this past season. While Victor Wembanyama turned into a future superstar, this San Antonio team has a lot of improvement to do. It all starts at the point guard position. There are tons of mock drafts everywhere with the team going many different ways, but you can bet that upgrading their point guard depth will be a focal point.

In a draft filled with talented point guards, Stephon Castle has stood out to the San Antonio staff more than other point guards. The interest is mutual between the two, with Castle open to the idea of being selected by San Antonio at the end of the month.

Other names are likely still to be considered. The closest number two to Castle is Kentucky's Rob Dillingham. The case for either of them is close, but Castle narrowly edges out the former Wildcat and makes a better case to be one of the next Spurs first-rounders.

Pro: size and strength advantage leading to better defensive capabilites

Castle stands at 6'6, 210 pounds and can bully opposing guards. Dillingham, on the other hand, does not have this luxury because of his 6'1, slim 165-pound frame.

Due to the type of basketball that is played in the modern-day NBA, having an oversized guard in Castle would be highly beneficial. Castle is tough as nails and always does more than you would expect. If you go back and watch his play during the NCAA Tournament, you will see him everywhere. He gets his own rebounds on misses, his put-backs are strong, he is fearless when attacking the rim (due to the strength advantage) and he is seemingly involved in every play in some way.

On defense, Castle is just as dominant. One of the better guard-defenders in this draft, Castle loves shutting down defenders as much as he loves to score. He is not afraid to guard the opposing team's best player, and he will likely continue that in the NBA.

Imagine having the long-armed and tough Castle at the front line of defense and having Wembanyama behind him, guarding the paint if anything passes him. That seems like a nightmare waiting to happen for other teams.

Castle immediately improves a San Antonio defense that struggled last season.