Grading 7 Spurs NBA Draft prospects from ‘don't draft’ to ‘draft now’

The 2024 NBA Draft is less than a month away and we'll soon know who will join the San Antonio Spurs but who should they pick and who should they avoid?
Gregg Popovich, Victor Wembanyama
Gregg Popovich, Victor Wembanyama / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages
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1) Stephon Castle

Stephon Castle would be a fascinating choice were the Spurs to draft him in the top eight given his two-way potential. Castle is mostly seen as a wing but has guard skills and has even turned down workout requests from teams that already have a point guard in place.

The Spurs, of course, don't, and they are said to be high on Castle, making him seem like an ideal fit. Assuming he can be a point guard at the next level, he'd give the team a terrific defender who can guard three positions. He has also shown that he is an underrated playmaker with the ball in his hands, though he will have to improve his 24% 3-point percentage.

Playing on-ball should make that less of an issue. Still, there would be pressure on him or Jeremy Sochan to become high-volume shooters from outside or risk them not being able to play together without teams leaving them open.

Then again, if Castle can become a shooter, San Antonio would be able to play a versatile lineup that includes Castle, Devin Vassell, Sochan, and Wembanyama, which has the potential to be an elite defensive unit. There are ultimately several strong options at point guard. While Castle might not have as high of a ceiling as some of them, he has a chance to fit the Spurs better.