Popovich's deep involvement in draft process cause for celebration

Spurs General Manager Brian Wright spoke about how involved Coach Popovich was during the draft process—a great sign for San Antonio.
Gregg Popovich, Jamaree Boulea
Gregg Popovich, Jamaree Boulea / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages

The fan base remains confused about the direction of the San Antonio Spurs franchise a day after the 2024 NBA Draft. The team selected Stephon Castle from UConn—a guard with elite size, an aggressive mentality and a versatile defender—but his skills as a pure point guard are still in question. He says he can play the position and his coach, Dan Hurley backs that up but without visual evidence, there will always be skeptics.

San Antonio's largest need was their shooting. They ranked 28th in the league last season and Castle doesn't do anything to alleviate that issue. The hope for many was to pick up a prospect with the No. 8 pick who brings that ability but when the trade was announced that didn't net a player in return, fans were baffled. However, longtime Spurs writer Mike Monroe was able to shed some light on how seriously Coach Popovich and the front office are taking this offseason.

The Spurs are all in on improving this team

Keep in mind that Coach Popovich was at the helm for the Tim Duncan years, so he is just as accustomed to winning as the fans are. Two back-to-back seasons with a 22-60 record won't sit right with a man as accomplished as Pop. Everyone who questioned whether or not the team was taking Victor Wembanyama's presence seriously has to understand that the answer to that question is a resounding yes.

You don't just jump at every opportunity to add a piece to your team if it's not the right fit. It's essentially the same mentality the team takes on the floor: going from good to great. All the pieces of the coaching staff and front office seem to be working in tandem to get the best outcome possible for every piece of this rebuild. You can't ask for anything more.